What the Supreme Court Decision Overturning Roe Means for Those Seeking & Providing Abortions in DC

Information on Abortion Care in the District of Columbia

Has the Supreme Court’s recent decision in the Dobbs case changed DC’s abortion laws?

Who can access abortion care in the District of Columbia?

How can I get an abortion in DC?

How can I make an appointment for an abortion?

Is financial assistance and support available for people seeking abortion care in DC?

Is there a time limit for accessing abortion care in DC?

Does DC law require parental notification if someone under 18 is seeking an abortion?

Does DC have mandatory waiting periods to access abortion care?

Do crisis pregnancy centers in DC provide abortions?

Information for DC Residents Who Want to Access Abortion Care

Could DC’s strong abortion laws change in the future?

How do I access an abortion in DC?

What can we do to stand up for abortion rights and help people in states where abortion has been outlawed or restricted?

Information for Those from Other States Who Want to Come to DC for Abortion Care

Can I come to DC for abortion care?

How do I access financial support or resources to get to DC for abortion care?

Abortion is illegal or seriously restricted in my home state. Can I be prosecuted or sued in my state for receiving abortion care in DC?

Will DC comply with extradition requests from states restricting access to abortion for individuals from those states who come to DC to access abortions?

Information for DC-based Abortion Providers

If anti-choice protestors try to block access to our clinic or threaten staff or patients, what can I do?

Can I be sued or prosecuted for providing abortion care DC-based providers be sued in other states for providing abortions to residents of those states?



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Attorney General Karl Racine

Attorney General Karl Racine

Haitian immigrant -> Washingtonian since age 3. Standing up for every District resident, every day.