For those who plan to start Pardot Account Based Marketing, the AttributeApp team has compiled 8 Pardot-specific tactics that can take your efforts to the next level:

1. Use Pardot Grading Profiles to Establish your Target Buyer

A key consideration of B2B and account-based marketing is that even though…

How Multi-Touch Attribution Analysis bridges the divide

With all of the fuss around account-based marketing (ABM), you might feel a little out of the loop if you haven’t given it a try yet. For most marketing organizations, account-based marketing will not replace inbound marketing efforts. …

Marketing Attribution Model Comparison: First, Last Touch and Multi-Touch Attribution

Data Driven marketers, particularly those at B2B companies with complex sales cycles understand that first and last touch attribution models shortchange marketing’s contribution to sales. These simplistic models don’t give a clear, full picture on ROI that different marketing activities contribute to pipelined and won revenue. …


Multi-touch attribution within Salesforce for B2B marketers. Pardot integration.

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