That quote is from his congressional testimony at the time.
Alex Cyrus

Did you just call Snowden a Russian spy? Excuse me while you invalidate everything you’ve written with that little tidbit.

Snowden didn’t know where he was going to end up. He had some plans after the leak, they fell through, and eventually he ended up in Russia as they gave him asylum. That doesn’t mean he’s a Russian spy. He exposed what he did because he loved the country and saw that the government was doing something illegal and immoral.

Spike Lee is a well-known filmmaker, but it’s not that it’s Spike Lee, it’s Sanders' words on the matter in an interview with a current champion for civil rights.

You also completely ignored the fact that Sanders is the only candidate in the last primary to go and speak with Native American groups to try and find their problems and work with them on solving them. Clinton didn’t even deign to glance in their direction.

I’ll take someone who was arrested while protesting segregated schools over someone who championed Barry Goldwater, and then championed a bill that effectively destroyed minority communities.

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