When you’re able to present a necessary and sufficient falsifiable hypothesis statement of…
Jere Krischel

Let’s start with this:

We know the climate is changing and the globe is increasing in general temperature over the course of the past century. It is true that in the past decade most years were record-setters in average temperature.

What could cause such a change?

A number of hypotheses emerge, suggesting things like the Earth getting closer to the sun, the sun’s activity increasing, or events like El Nino (though that only accounts for local variance, not global increase) or greenhouse gases.

After we account for all other factors, greenhouse gases proves to be the deciding factor in climate changes around the world.

What change has increased greenhouse gas emissions globally by leaps and bounds?

The industrial revolution and the burning of coal and other fossil fuels. It follows from this that humans are the main cause of global climate change, and that the current catastrophic events around the world, along with the Larsen ice shelves sliding off into the ocean (among other ice melt issues) are a consequence of our burning of fossil fuels.

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