We can’t expect that men will break from toxic masculinity, from rape culture, from all of those social constructs we’re always discussing, and which really are to blame for the problem of sexual assault, harassment, and abuse being widespread and accepted, if when they try to do so, we tell ’em they’re not allowed. I mean we can want that to happen — but I have to tell you, I’ve never seen it happen.
Is #MeToo Only For Women? Should It Be?
Abby Franquemont

When I first started coming around to feminism, humanism, and equality, I got the exact pushback you’re talking about. I asked a question and was immediately attacked for being unaware of the entirety of the issue.

It took a lot to push through that the first five or six times I encountered it to really start understanding the issues and problems facing the fight for equality, and I was coming at it as a naive man who was trying so hard to understand in good faith.

So I completely agree. Instead of dismissing people being genuinely curious we need to feed it so they can come around.