Three Key Traits of Military-Trained Leaders

Commercial pilot Aubrey Gladstone serves as president of Gladstone Consulting in Boca Raton, Florida. A leader in problem resolution and litigation oversight, Aubrey Gladstone is very familiar with the value that military-trained executives can add to commerce in the private sector.

If your organization is seeking new leadership, consider the following key traits that set military-trained veterans apart from the civilian workforce.

- Veterans have already been taught to embrace positive values such as loyalty and integrity. They make excellent team players, and will typically protect their team instead of just themselves in the workplace. Accordingly, they tend to be very good investments for most employers.

- Veterans have an unparalleled work ethic. Their service demanded that they complete tasks properly and under precise time deadlines, often without supervision. This sense of duty usually translates directly to success in the civilian workplace.

- Veterans can adapt to all types of situations. Many have tested their skills under some of the most stressful situations possible. Nearly all veterans have been forced to pick up and move multiple times throughout their military career. Being able to adapt to rapid changes without complaint is a highly desirable skill in a leader in any capacity.