What design thinking means to me and how I use it…

What design thinking means to me and how I use it?
Entering into class the first day for our design thinking course, everything in the room was confusing I didn’t know whether I had to be excited or not. A whole new lot of jargon being introduced from problem spaces ideation, empathizing to prototyping etc. To me this was too much information for students’ who hadn’t even decided whether they will start their own businesses later on life. I decided to try and get to understand what this whole process was all about and I happy to say that all many hours of group meetings and all the lectures have proven to be useful. I now believe that in everyone there is a design thinker waiting to be unleashed because I have gotten to understand that creativity is a state of the mind which you can choose to put to action at any time you want. To me design thinking is just a sequential collection of steps that can be applied when dealing with any problem which are empathizing that is, get to understand what issues need solutions then afterwards define the problem which is a really hard exercise. Next you need to “ideate” which involves a lot of brainstorming, generating possible solutions. The next step is to create a plan and build a small version of the product to test. Finally, there is need to test the idea and get responses from people which has been my favorite so far because I like socializing. I now apply design thinking everywhere be it coming up with programming projects organizing activities for the clubs that I am part of, I no longer get stuck with any problem, because it is useful anywhere. Design thinking has unlocked a creative potential that I never knew existed in me.

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