Ken Zachmann, V12: Mobile First Over A Cookie Is Still A New Idea To A Lot Of American Marketers & Agencies

Ken Bachmann, SVP/GM Digital Solutions at V12 Data

In February, we held our fourth Audiences In Motion event in the glamorous Gansevoort Park Avenue in New York City. One of our speakers at the event was Ken Zachmann, SVP/GM Digital Solutions at V12 Data, who we caught up to share insights with us on the importance and enhanced capabilities of one-to-one deterministic data matching one individual to one match ID.

“You need to have a one-to-one deterministic match and what we mean by that when looking to v12 data is having emails that match key to be able to match that one individual to a device ID. Once we can to that match then we can start doing the some interesting people focused targeting, we can follow someone through a journey and have a conversation with one person, not just a household.”

Watch Ken’s full interview here: