narcissistic weirdo

there we were, 3,000 feet over london

and arguing

as if we, ourselves,

were the source of the never-ending rain

you were, “let’s just mess this up a little bit”

but you messed me up a lot more than the sheets

you were can’t forget me, can’t be with me,

only text me back like 60% of the time

even though who texts first

has always been 50/50

you are a vortex:

to be near you is to be left

in your damage and to know you

is to accept that i am different than before;

that the world as i knew it ceased to exist

once you existed in it; exhilarated by all

there still is in the world to discover

there is a softness to you body and

a sharpness to your tongue. whole wars have been fought

and lost and won in the space between your teeth

there is something cruel about you

and the way you look at me like you see me

in a way that you don’t, like you’re blissful

and unaware that you’re screaming at a mirror.

your judgements get under my skin

and i want you

to step inside me and wear me like a winter coat

let me keep you warm, broken boy

i will keep you warm

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