Vibrational Reading for February 22-28, 2016

Hello dear Ones!
I will be sharing with you on a weekly basis a Vibrational Reading received through my meditative state and prayers.
Each day will be connected to one or more images that I gather via the vibrations that we are all co-creating on this planet.
Each week will be tuned into a quote that resonates the most with the vibrational energies for the week to come.

The energies gathered into two images. Both representing a dove.
The first image is kind of comical as it is a close-up of the dove’s face, oddly smiling. The second image is the dove flying into the infinite skies.
From its playful grimace, I grasp that it’s a time for us to take things lightly, with a smile, even through the waves of strong energies of the current Full Moon in Virgo. The dove, symbol of peace, is asking you to let go of worries, see past the current waves and dive into the playfulness of the current flow.
Only through release will you feel free, flying in the right direction.

The energies gathered for this day are quite intense yet transformative.
A woman burning her old clothes into a fire. This is a day of transformation!
If you have been listening and tuning into the vibration of letting go, being playful with the current flow, then you will be able to reap the benefits from this process. You are literally changing how you present yourself to this world. Do not fear, this process is very empowering and will make you feel reborn.

What a powerful image is gathered for this day! A white lion, standing on top of a mountain. The Full Moon, still in effect, shines its silver rays and brings out your beauty. You have faced your fears and are standing powerful and brave dear One. What a lovely way for the energies to naturally flow!

After a couple days of intense energies, the vibrations are slightly settling down and asking to care for yourself. I see a village from afar, guarded, with a burning bonfire. Someone is gently telling me to stay at a distance, admiring the fire. It’s time to take some personal time today, to refuel your energies. Small habits like taking a bath, a walk, looking into someone’s loving eyes or just intentionally stopping yourself to deeply breath are ways to fuel your “bonfire” and balance the energies between giving and receiving.
Don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed or drained. The past days have been intense but just with the mental intention of balancing your energies, you will feel your Light reignited. Be gentle to yourself.

The energies gathered for this day represent a woman by a lake, looking at her own reflection. What she sees is a different side of herself, one she has never seen before. With this image you can still feel the lingering energies of the Full Moon shining upon her. The feeling I get from this image is to go into self-reflection today, admiring the new face and perspective that you have now revealed to yourself. No judgments needed, just a gentle glance and open heart. When the time for action will come, you will then have gathered new wisdom and knowledge to chose your steps wisely.

What a lovely vibrational image this day is bringing!
I see a woman in a hammock, deliciously relaxing under the soft sun. She is surrounded by little white flowers, and gently rocking to the light breeze.
These energies are asking to reward yourself with restful time, ideally in Nature. When my mind asked to move onto the next vibrational energy, it wouldn’t. I was asked to truly appreciate the small details of this image and the peaceful energy before moving forward. This day, take the time to do whatever feels relaxing to your mind, body & soul.

A young man on a white horse is welcoming us onto this vibrational day!
He symbolizes romance and relationships. It will be a good day to cultivate Love and be surrounded by the ones that are dear to your heart, dear One. I am also sensing to pay attention to your dreams and whoever is showing up at your door, literally, or not! All I can say, is that Love is in the air, and what a wonderful way to finish this week!

The Quote of the Week from Albert Einstein “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” came to me very naturally. I have great respect and admiration for this wonderful soul and love the depth of this very simple message. It really emphasizes how this week the focus is on releasing the superflous, and keeping the meaningful pieces of information that will allow us to ascend.

On a personal level, this Vibrational Reading has been a revelation.
I was simply lying in bed, meditating on my intentions to have my Light serve a higher purpose and shine so brightly that it would light up others. Everything else unraveled naturally. I had no expectations, and it turned out in the best way I could ever hope for. 
Please let me know if this reading has been helpful to you and how you connect with the information displayed above.

With Love. Always.