KaijuKingz Scientist Mint

Overview & Introduction:

KaijuKingz’ Scientist collection is launching this Monday, May 16th 2022 at 6pm CST, with a minting window of 48 hours. These Scientists are to kick off the expansion of the KaijuKingz ecosystem with new P2E mechanics. Scientists will be able to collect the new $SCALES token, generate and have a chance to receive Baby Kaijuz from the remaining supply, and have a chance to steal DNA from Mutant Kaijuz. (More details regarding the P2E ecosystem, which is set to begin at the end of the Scientist minting window, are available in this Medium article and in this Machinations/Infographic.) Beyond these P2E mechanisms, Scientists will additionally be a necessary element to play the KaijuKingz’ monster battler, Monster x Monster.

As scientists will come to play such a pivotal role in the ecosystem of KaijuKingz and in the future development of the brand and Monster x Monster, it is necessary to clearly and properly outline the structure of the mint and the rationale behind each factor considered.

Scientist Minting Structure:

There are three vital aspects to consider when understanding the minting structure of the KaijuKingz Scientist collection:

1. Free but Upgradable

The Scientist collection has a free entry point. Just gas is required to mint the base level Scientist — these free Scientists will be missing P2E abilities, though they will be valuable during the launch of Monster x Monster.

Scientists can be upgraded by “injecting” a minimum of .06666 Eth to receive the P2E perks outlined above ($SCALES acquisition, DNA stealing, etc.). Scientists will reap these P2E perks relative to the total amount of Eth injected by all Scientists. The amount of Eth injected into your Scientist may be increased after minting by using the KaijuKingz dashboard.

Your total portion of all P2E perks follows this formula:

Example: If there is 10Eth total injected by all scientists and you’ve contributed 1Eth towards that amount, then you will earn 10% of the total amount of stolen $SCALES and DNA, and will have a 10% chance to receive any Baby Kaijuz generated from the remaining supply.

Additionally, the .06666 Eth minimum will give your Scientist an animation cycle, and at .4 Eth your Scientist will have access to extra visual effects of your choosing.

Free Scientist vs .06666+ Eth Scientist

2. Public and Open

The Scientist mint will be entirely public and open; there is no requirement for mintlist or holding status from any collection, and anyone is able to mint during the 48 hour window. The collection will be uncapped during the minting period so there is no worry for a potential mint out, the only limitation is that 1 Scientist maximum may be minted per wallet.

3. Customizable

Scientists will be completely customizable by the user, with traits locking in after minting is complete. Collaborator traits, however, will be available exclusively to holders (of the primary collection) of our collaborators. Collaborators whose collections have not yet been released or whose collections are not on L1 Ethereum blockchain will be available for public use.

Additionally, minted Scientists cannot have the exact same set of traits as any other scientist; though, with trillions of possible combinations that shouldn’t be an issue.


Undoubtedly, this is an unorthodox structure to launch a collection. Why set up a mint in such a way? Why is the mint public, why is there no mint list, why are the prices for scientists so flexible?

One of the largest motivating factors for setting up the mint in this way is to bring in as large of a population as possible into the KaijuKingz community and into Monster x Monster. By presenting the mint with a public and free option (just pay gas), we are able to grow our community and scale Monster x Monster to as broad of an audience as possible — we are able to build with the future in mind, with a grander vision. This structure flips the narrative that a collection must be 10,000 NFTs, statically allocated, with fixed or auction prices. There is no ‘fomoing’ into any particular tier before the mint out of the collection, and no gas wars. As a user, you select your price point (even if that is 0) and mint your Scientist — it is up to you to decide its worth, and pay what you want. We understand that certain mechanics of orientating a mint do not provide value to your experience, and we hope that our structure avoids those trappings.

You may also be asking why we choose to release now: the most chaotic and unstable NFT and Crypto market that we’ve seen in the past year. To put it simply, we are indebted to the community we build for, and we didn’t want to delay any longer. We’ve been putting our heads down and working, ensuring that the experience will be enjoyable for everyone. Market downturns have never caused us to waver since the very beginning. We have set out our game plan and will continue to deliver. Whether it’s a bull or bear market, it’s always a Kaiju Market.

If you have any other questions outside the scope of this article, feel free to come out to Sorashima Sunday, today at 7pm CST. Our host Tyler will be able to provide you answers and clarifications to this whole process.

(P.S. I wonder what these test samples do… what is that spinning substance…)



The KaijuKingz community focuses the future and growth of Web3 by empowering individuals with the funds, resources, and tools needed to build and conquer.

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The KaijuKingz community focuses the future and growth of Web3 by empowering individuals with the funds, resources, and tools needed to build and conquer.