Announcing The Augur Bug Bounty Program

After extensive testing and security audits, the Forecast Foundation is excited to announce the launch of its bug bounty program. The Augur team takes the security of the Augur platform very seriously, and, to that end, is now seeking help from the community in finding bugs in the Augur codebase prior to launch — and beyond. The bounty program is open to all of Augur Core’s Solidity contracts and Augur.js. We will expand the program to also include Augur Node and the Augur UI client in the coming weeks.

Our hope is that rigorous testing by engineers and developers all around the world will help assist in assuring that Augur is robust and secure prior to launch. More details about the scope and rules of the Augur Bug Bounty Program can be found here. Happy hunting!


The Augur Team

(This takes place of this weeks weekly development update — see you next week!)

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