Augur Core Security Audit Report

Mar 12, 2018 · 2 min read

We’re pleased to share that security audits for Augur Core have been completed. This four month process resulted in a detailed report of findings within the Augur Core codebase. For a historical timeline of Augurs audits, you can check out the February 28th development update.

The Forecast Foundation hired Zeppelin in November of 2017 to begin a formal security audit Augurs contracts. Today, we are publishing their full audit report of Augur Core. Zeppelin has assisted us before with the Serpent compiler audit and REP token migration.

At this time, all published issues have been directly fixed or addressed. For issues not directly fixed, our justification can be found here.

We thank the Zeppelin team for taking the time to perform and publish this thorough audit report. Their team looked for potential security vulnerabilities, reviewed Augurs general design and architecture, and uncovered bugs that could compromise the software in production.

Over the coming weeks we plan to release more details around a bug bounty program and market. Augur’s contracts are done. 🎉


The Augur Team


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