Augur v2 Details

Oct 5, 2018 · 5 min read

Twelve weeks after the initial deployment of Augur, we’re sharing some planned changes for the Augur protocol v2 deployment. While all these changes will be tentative up until all the code is written and audited, we’re confident in this feature list and are currently planning to develop all listed changes below.

The Augur v2 deployment will require optional, manual migration of REP to the new set of Augur contracts. There is no expected timeline currently, however the development team has begun the necessary research and development into all listed features.

These are specifically contract changes that affect the underlying protocol. All the UI feedback gathered in the wishlist thread has been reviewed and prioritized, and is being worked on in parallel. Augur App and the UI are receiving continuous updates.

The Forecast Foundation appreciates any feedback, input or suggestions regarding this feature set, particularly in the #dev or #game-theory rooms of the Augur Discord.

DAI Integration:

Use or Lose Forking:

This provides a much greater motivation to participate, simplifies the contracts, allows the buyback feature detailed below, and allows us to reduce reporting fees while keeping the system secure.

Auction-Based REP Price Oracle:

The current plan is to initially ignore the results of this auction and monitor it while using a centralized price oracle. If the system is functioning well then it can be gradually depended on until such a time as the system can be switched over and the key to the centralized oracle thrown away.

Buy Back & Burn Fee System:

This is a very inefficient and complex way of compensating reporters. In V2 the system will instead pool fees collected into a single contract which will auction those collected fees for REP and burn any REP acquired this way. This effectively pays REP holders fees equally with 0 gas cost to them and in a way that is far more favorable tax wise.


ERC-777 Support:

Variable Validity Bond:

Invalid as Explicit Outcome:

Burning Dispute Profits:

Accelerated Bond Increases:

Optional messaging for dispute contributions:

Dispute Round Changes:

Designated Report Time reduced to 1 day from 3 days

Continuous Dispute Rounds:

Trading API Changes:

Condensed Functions:

Ability to ignore owned shares:

Ability to trade based on total investment and price:

Gas & Transaction Optimizations:




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