Augur Weekly Development Update — April 11th

Bounty Program

Last week we launched the Augur Bug Bounty Program with rewards up to $27,000 USD. We encourage all interested parties to take a look at our contracts and javascript API to see what you can find. While out of scope bugs are ineligible for rewards, we still appreciate all the reports. Just please don’t attack our websites 😃

Contracts & UI on Rinkeby

The Augur contracts have been deployed to Rinkeby and are fully functional. An interface available at both and You can get Rinkeby Ether to trade and create markets here, and test net REP to participate in reporting rounds within your account page on Augur.

Feedback, bugs, issues and etc can be reported in the #ui channel of our Discord or to

Positions Page Within Users Portfolio
Markets Available For Dispute
Staking Sufficient REP To Set A New Tentative Outcome

Whats Left

From our internal project management board: The remaining UI screens are ~80%-85% complete, trading is ~90% complete, deployment tasks are ~80%-85% complete, Augur Node is 85% complete, and additional miscellaneous tasks needed for full deployment are ~85% complete. Our boards burn down chart puts all of this at three weeks from now.

Does this mean Augur is deploying in the beginning of May?!?

No, it means we should have everything that’s currently on our internal project management board complete around this time. There is still a very good chance that unknown unknowns occur when everything is “code complete”. This is just an estimate generated by Clubhouse’s internal points system.

However, in the sake of transparency, we want to share the status of what we are currently aware of and have been working on. Please do not interpret take this as a definitive, concrete completion date. We are looking into possibly releasing this board with read-only access for outsiders, or just publishing the burn-down reports in the following weeks updates.

All of this subject to bug bounty findings as well, we would like to run the bounty program for at least a month (ideally 4 to 6 weeks) without any critical findings before we consider a main net deployment.

General News

The team spent the past few days together working on-site in an AirBnb together. We have released the new Augur landing page (woo!), Matt Bullock began as senior product designer, and Phoebe Mirman is starting next week as a front end engineer. Our team is up to date on the new website.

Twitter scams are running rampant. Don’t send your cryptocurrency to anyone promoting schemes on social media.

We appreciate your support, patience and dedication to the Augur Project. In the meantime you can prepare by using Augur on the test network. You can come chat with us in our Discord and view our Twitter for the latest updates. Follow our development progress on Github or in the #dev channel of Discord.


The Augur Team

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