Augur Weekly Development Update — August 16th


The new Augur IDEO client development is picking up, with Serena joining us next week. The first PR has been merged in, and is deployed to our dev app. This implements just our new menu and design, the main app is awaiting our second update, so it’s slightly broken. However, it’s a peek at what’s to come!

Our Solidity merge is making very good progress. We’re now working on the largest part of the codebase, markets. Reporting has been completed, and trading is near completion. We’ve also been getting estimates for auditing the Solidity compiler, and expect to have something locked down soon.

A reminder that our contracts and client are open source, and we welcome contribution from anyone in the community. You can always chat with us in the #dev channel of our Slack.

We can invite new users to the Augur StackExchange beta platform, if you’d like to be invited, you can email or tweet at us. A big thanks to everyone who has been participating so far asking and answering questions!


— The Augur Team


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An open-source, decentralized, peer-to-peer prediction market platform built on Ethereum.

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