Augur Weekly Development Update — August 30th


The Augur team officially has 12 full time employees, with 2 back-end interns and one more UI developer in the pipeline. Both front end and back end teams have sufficent engineering power to accomplish their tasks, and all new hires have been on-boarded.

We’re on the lookout for a DevOps / SysAdmin engineer, as well great Ethereum (Solidity) engineers. If you fit this bill, or know someone who may, reach out to us!

IDEO v3 Client:

The v3 client is moving along fast. We’ve transitioned the development server to This week the new topics page was merged and pushed, with the side menu navigation being wrapped up today. A lot of cleanup is still to be had, however it’s starting to piece together! We’re working on updating our deployment process to also include deploying to IPFS — something you’ll see at very soon.

Solidity Migration:

We’ve wrapped up another large portion of the codebase (markets) and are working on the trading contracts next. A new contractor was taken onboard to assist with the migration. We still appear to be ahead of schedule, however we do still estimate a few more weeks for the complete migration.


Our StackExchange seems to be slowing down a bit, which hopefully means people are finding the answers to their questions. Micah gave a nice overview of the new REP fee structure on Reddit. Joey gave a great 2 minute overview of the future of dApps and Ethereum for Pantera this week:

The Augur team is looking to build an invite-only Slack group filled with members of other teams building Ethereum related projects. We should all probably be communicating more than we are. If you work on an Ethereum project and are building on Solidity — ping @tomkysar a message on Twitter and he will invite you.

We’ve gotten some quotes on the Solidity compiler audit. We’re exploring sharing the cost of the audit with other Ethereum based, successfully funded projects. If your team is interested in contributing towards this, also reach out to @tomkysar.


The Augur Team

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