Augur Weekly Development Update — August 9th

We’re happy to share that the Solidity migration is progressing very well. You can follow its status on GitHub. We’re ~50% done, a bit ahead of schedule. All the reporting contracts have been migrated, with the market contracts next up.

Joey gave a talk online with BlockGeeks this past week, where he goes over the Solidity migration status, release schedule, and other details of Augur. His talk has been uploaded below:

We’d also like to welcome Serena Randolph to the Augur team! Serena is joining Augur as a front-end developer, where she will be working with our current UI team building the new IDEO designed client. Serena has been a freelance web developer, with clients including IDEO, Netflix and the U.S. State Department. She will be starting in ~2 weeks, make sure to welcome her to the team when you see her in Slack!

We wrapped up the REP migration with paying out all EtherDelta and OasisDEX users who had REP tied up in escrow. Any REP locked up in a decentralized exchanges escrow was lost, and required us to manually make those traders whole. It ended up being < ~425 REP, which came from the Forecast Foundation. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Our StackExchange is getting a good amount of activity, however more is always better. We need to keep the engagement up in order to prevent the beta proposal from closing. If you’d like to join, shoot us a message on Twitter or in Slack and we can invite you to participate.


The Augur Team

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