Augur Weekly Development Update — December 20th

We’ve gotten majority of our contract audit reports back in the past two weeks, and wrapped up the changes we had to make to our reporting contracts after the internal audit.

Next week (post-Christmas) will be spent implementing the necessary changes and fixes found in security audits. Our initial feeling is that the fixes shouldn’t take much longer than a week to implement and review.

All changes (reporting contracts and overall fixes) need to be reviewed by our auditors. We expect this process to begin by the end of the week, and tentatively wrap up just after the new year.

Augur Node and the UI are coming right along — and was wired up so you can see some active (test-net) markets now! The new white-paper is being polished / reviewed, and should be released prior to launch.

It’s the holiday season, and our engineers will be taking some time off to be with their friends and families. Enjoy, all!

🎅🎅🎅 There will be no update next week — see you all in 2018! 🎅🎅🎅

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The Augur Team