Augur Weekly Development Update — January 10th

Second update of the year! Our community engagement looks to be growing, we appreciate all the tweets, Reddit comments, and questions popping up in the Discord. A friendly reminder to come join us @!

Contract Auditing

As shared in the previous update, our team was able to fix and address all issues raised in the extremely through initial contract audits. We have packaged up all the fixes, and delivered them to our auditors. A second engagement was signed with them today for a second round, which includes reviewing everything we fixed and changed. We were given the timeline of about three weeks for delivery of a v2 audit report. This should be the final round (assuming all is well) 🙏🏻.

UI / Augur Node

We shared some screenshots of what’s running @ on Twitter this past week, and received quite a bit of positive feedback. The auth pages, main topics page, and menu / markets page can be seen below:

We shared this past week that we would be supporting Edge, uPort, and Ledger as authentication methods — however, after recent community feedback, we will also now be supporting MetaMask. Once the MetaMask integration is complete (around the end of this week) there are a few more loose ends to finish up on the main trading page, and then it will all be pushed live to


The whitepaper has been ‘locked’, in the sense that no more content will be added. It’s in the editing phase now, meaning deleting things, cleaning up sections, proof reading, etc. While we don’t have a hard estimate on delivery for this, we’re getting as many internal eyes on it as we can. Once review is completed, it will just need formatting and then it’s ready for publishing.

General News

We’ve hired another full time front-end developer, starting on Jan 31st. We’ve also hired a devops contractor, with hopes to roll him into full-time. Details will come when they begin their first day!

Vincent Chen and Ramon Recuero wrote a post on the YCombinator blog titled “Building for the Blockchain”, where they highlight Augur as a great use case for decentralization. Overall, it’s a great piece and we highly recommend checking it out:

A community member also wrote a nice piece on prediction markets and the future of self regulation, including Augur:

The Augur Wikipedia was updated, including some new descriptive paragraphs and a more detailed historical timeline:

Lastly, we have some updated content / questions from the Augur StackExchange:

Updated documentation of reporters duties

How do reporters actually vote?

Security implications of Augurs market cap exceeding that of Ethereums?

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See you all next week!


The Augur Team