Augur Weekly Development Update — January 3rd

We hope everybody had a happy holiday week, and a great new year! We’re excited to bring you the first update of 2018, and look forward to another exciting year.

Contract Auditing

Over the holiday week, our engineering team reviewed and resolved all issues identified in the contract audits. These fixes and changes have been re-delivered to our auditors, and are currently being reviewed. The scope is significantly narrower than the previous audit. We are waiting for updates from our auditors on a timeline of when the review will be complete. We’re approaching the final stages!

UI / Augur Node

The UI is now wired up with Augur Node. AirBitz, JSON keystore, uPort and Ledger authentication methods are all supported. We’ve been working heavily on deployment procedures, and reliability within the middleware. We should have no delays or bottlenecks on the UI / Augur Node side.


The new whitepaper is also in final stages of revising, currently being content edited and reviewed internally. We are really pushing to have this out as soon as possible for the community to read, and are exploring some academic conferences to present it at.

General News

Tom Haile has officially joined us full time, and he recently participated in a great five minute interview with DailyCryptoCast. He gives a detailed overview of Augur, and dives a bit more into our status. Check it out, and say hi to him in our Discord (@tomhaile)!

Augur was included in CoinTelegraphs “Top 10 companies of the blockchain industry in 2017”, and the MIT Technology Review published a post about “How the wisdom of the crowd accurately predicts Supreme Court decisions.” We recommend checking both of them out!

Our friends at Paradex are also hiring a senior software engineer. If you have any interest, or know someone, please reach out to them or us and we will connect you.

Ask us questions on the Augur StackExchange, and come chat with us in the Augur Discord channel. Follow our Twitter for the latest updates.


The Augur Team