Augur Weekly Development Update — June 14th

This week, Joey Krug published the ‘Augur Master Plan’ outlining the future vision for Augur, what Augur will be capable of at launch, and a release schedule for future versions of Augur. If you haven’t already, you can read the post below:

An overview of our future release schedule:

We’ve been working with IDEO and should have some mocks / wireframes ready to act on within the next 4–5 weeks (at the end of week 6). Thanks to everyone who reached out to perform user interviews for them this past week!

Some new auditors are being brought on board next week, and another wrapped up this week. We will publish this weeks report once the feedback has been fully reviewed by our team.

Reach out to us to contribute or if you have any questions!

Technical Updates:

June 13th, 2017

- Added tests for abc helper, generate-download-account-link helper, selectAggregateOrderBook method of selectOrderBook, and selectTopBid method of selectOrderBook helper.
- Updated trading test parameters for new orders structure. 
- Added chunking to getOrderIDs.
- Added the rest of the bid order scalar rest cases for worst case loss.
- Reindexed orders data structure and removed extra data fields.

June 12th, 2017

- Added tests for update assets auth action and auth-nav-items constants + cleanup.
- Added four bid cases for categorical markets to the fuzzy worst case loss tester.

June 11th, 2017

- Added random bounding order ID selection and dead order probability to order sorting fuzzer.
- Removed maskeOrderHash and tests, and misc. order hash code.
- Added tx.gasprice front-running prevention with a test.
- Fixed controller bug.

June 10th, 2017

- Added sorted orders fuzzer to orders test and cash contract Ether balance assertions. 
Separated insertOrderIntoList from saveOrder and removeOrderFromList from removeOrder.
- Added user-specified better/worseOrderID price assertions to saveOrder. 
- Added cash and ether balance tests for publicDepositEther.

June 9th, 2017

- Added tests for transfer-funds action.
- Added order insertion point finding to

June 8th, 2017

- Added the ability to use Serpent from the command line. 
- Removed outdated parameter from a couple controller functions.
- Fixed to the controller.
- Added test for convert Ether actions.


The Augur Team

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