Augur Weekly Development Update — March 28th

We’re planning to launch the bounty program within the next week. However, if you’d like a head start….poking around augur-core at the last audited hash would be a great entry point :)

The UI is continuing to progress week over week, you can see the changes and polishing in real time at Feedback, thoughts, comments and suggestions regarding the client are always appreciated in the #ui channel of our Discord.

We will be adding a new front-end developer to the team within the next week or two. The position for Senior Product Designer has also been filled, and we will share more details when they both begin with the Forecast Foundation.

Brendan Asselstine (@b_asselstine) wrote a great medium article about how Augur approaches contract storage and upgrades. The post can be found below:

You can keep up with the day-to-day by joining our Discord, or ask us specific questions on our StackExchange. We recommend checking out the updated Augur glossary for more details as well.

Contact / Chat With Us: Discord || Twitter || StackExchange || Email


The Augur Team

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