Augur Weekly Development Update — May 23rd

This past week we announced the date and time of when Augur will be deployed on the Ethereum mainnet.

Additionally, a REP token migration must take place after Augur is deployed, a process that requires the majority of users to do nothing. Unless you have REP in a custodial decentralized exchange, such as Ether/ForkDelta, IDEX, and OasisDEX, there is nothing you need to do. The process will take a few hours and all exchanges, wallets, and block explorers will be made aware of the new REP contract address.

Leading up to deployment, the team will be conducting rigorous testing of the Augur UI, Augur Node and Augur App. Please feel free to contribute, your feedback and issues are all reviewed and appreciated by the development team.

Augur Walkthrough outlines the testing we’ve been performing on the UI. We plan to spend the following weeks having traders stress test the performance, check calculations, ensure positions are showing correctly, etc. We’re working on both bug fixes and general improvements based off the feedback received.

The bounty program is rolling and accepting all submissions. Test out the UI at on Rinkeby, take a look at our Github, and let us know your feedback!

Come chat with us in Discord and follow our Twitter for the latest updates. Track our development progress on Github or in the #dev channel of Discord.


The Augur Team