Augur Weekly Development Update — May 2nd

Today the Ethereum Foundation Grants Program announced that they will be co-sponsoring an extensive audit of the Solidity compiler with us, performed by Zeppelin. It is planned to begin at the end of May and to run for about sixteen weeks. Augur has no dependency on this audit, and in no way does it effect Augurs development schedule. This is an extra service that we believe should be performed, effecting the entirety of the Ethereum ecosystem.

We’ve been putting bounties up on Gitcoin and they’re being completed faster than we had ever imagined! We’ve had Trezor authentication support, one-click Heroku and Digital Ocean deployments, and integration with four separate Solidity analyzers all bountied in under two weeks. Thank you to everybody who’s been participating, we will continue to add more this week.

Internally, we’re finalizing launch/deployment details and plan to have an update for the public soon about the process and when it’s going to happen. The REP token contract will need to have its balances frozen and migrated to a new REP token contract for Augur’s launch. There is nothing REP token holders will need to do, with an exception for Ether/ForkDelta, IDEX and OasisDEX users. Full details will come in its own blog post, addressing everything around deployment and the migration process.

The bounty program is rolling and accepting all submissions. Test out the UI at, take a look at our Github, and let us know your feedback!

Come chat with us in Discord and follow our Twitter for the latest updates.Track our development progress on Github or in the #dev channel of Discord.


The Augur Team