Augur Weekly Development Update — May 9th

The team has been working on Augur App this past week, a small electron application that packages Augur Node and the Augur UI so you can use Augur locally with an Ethereum node of your choosing. It will take care of running Augur Node in the background and auto-deploy the Augur UI locally in your browser. This will allow for users to have a single-click solution for using Augur locally.

The testnet deployment on is up to date with the latest developments, and we seeded the test markets with more orders for testing. You can get Rinkeby Ether here to participate. All bugs, issues, feedback and comments are appreciated at or in our Discord. We also posted a new bounty for the implementation of EIP-234.

We have our deployment timeline (tentatively) set internally. We’re working out final tasks regarding the deployment process, REP migration, and some code complete features this week. As soon as we are comfortable and confident with the timeline we’ve set, we will disclose all relevant dates and details. There will be a period before the deployment date to account for keeping the bounty program running, coordinating with exchanges, wallets, and block explorers, as well as more UI testing/bug discovery.

The bounty program is rolling and accepting all submissions. Test out the UI at, take a look at our Github, and let us know your feedback!

Come chat with us in Discord and follow our Twitter for the latest updates. Track our development progress on Github or in the #dev channel of Discord.


The Augur Team