Augur Weekly Development Update — November 22nd

The UI has nearly completed our new designs 1:1 and is being wired up with Augur Node now. There are a few developers / teams who reached out to us and expressed interest in working on the Solidity debugger bounty, so if you’re thinking of working on it you can join our Discord and chat with them.

Bounties.Network wrote a nice article about bounties and the Ethereum ecosystem, including ours:

Everything is moving along as planned with our current timeline. Security audits are running smoothly. Our team has been internally auditing and reading code, building out Augur Node, and wiring a bunch of it together. We will have a working version of the new UI up on (running on the test net) before auditing is complete.

Some StackExchange questions that were answered this week:

Reporting duties: fee collection, fee disbursement, dispute bonds, and participation tokens.

Costs of creating a market: validity bond, reporter gas cost, designated reporter no-show bond, and transaction gas cost.

Initial safeguards of Augur: extractEther, extractTokens, emergencyStop, and contract upgrading.

Does the 5x multiplier restrict the REP token value?

How is open interest measured?

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Have a happy holiday week!

The Augur Team