Augur Weekly Development Update — October 18th

v3 Client:

The create market views have been completed this past week (however it won’t be pushed to for a few days) — with the notifications, reporting screens, and the main market view beginning work this week. Our front end team has been collaborating with the Augur Node crew this past week on scoping out the endpoints and data feeds needed for the UI.


A standard deployment process across Geth & Parity is being worked on by Aaron. A bunch of TODOs and FIXMEs have been addressed (in the form of many PR’s) this by Alex. The contracts are making progress, and we will have a more concrete update on their status around the end of October.

Augur Node:

Scott and Paul have been sufficiently on-boarded (for the most part) and are making meaningful progress on the architecture of Augur Node with Jack. Most of the engineering team spent some time together in SF this past week to scope out the needed endpoints and data feeds for the UI. Augur Node is coming along, and will be able to provide a significantly faster / reliable data feed to the client. This will make the user experience much better for anyone using an Augur Node.

General News:

Joey presented Augur at the ETH Waterloo Hackathon and the M-0 Melonport event in Switzerland, we’re looking into trying to get videos of the presentations. He even gave a sneak preview of the new markets page in the v3 client!

Augur Markets Page v3 Preview

We’ve made the tentative decision to stick with Slack as our community chat application. A post will be coming tomorrow outlining the issues with Slack, and how we believe we can address them. If successful, we’d love to open our auto-inviter to the public again.

Lastly, happy one year of doing weekly updates! 🎉

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