Augur Weekly Development Update — September 13th

Our migration to Solidity is just about complete (🎉), with one outstanding PR remaining. After this, there will be no more legacy Serpent code in augur-core. The migration took us just about six weeks (our initial estimation), thus keeping us right on track. Next comes completing the remaining fixes and todos in the new Solidity contracts, along with formalizing our deployment processes.

The v3 client served at received a few updates this past week, including the side navigation menus and market preview cards. Ledger and Trezor support for account authentication is in the works. The create market process and market page are up for re skinning next.

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Feedback and discussion is welcomed in our Slack channel, and questions on our StackOverflow. Some interesting questions this past week have been:

With the OmiseGO airdrop occurring today, some attackers tried taking advantage of this by sending direct messages to members in our Slack advertising an Augur REP airdrop. The site they linked was a phishing webpage, designed to steal your private key if you entered it.

There is NO Augur airdrop.

This is a reminder that there is no Augur airdrop, and that you will never receive official communication from Augur outside of the #announce channel on Slack, our Medium, or Twitter. Don’t trust links, don’t trust Slack DMs, and always ensure you’re on the correct website before interacting with cryptocurrency.


The Augur Team

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