Augur Weekly Report — August 21st

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New Trading, Account Summary, Portfolio, and Market Creation Designs for v2

Augur Metrics:

Pre-Finalization Markets: 297

V2 Transition Update

The preliminary parameters for Augur’s transition from v1 to v2 have been set. You can read the full details below but here’s the tldr:

  • With the current target timeline, if there were no adjustments to the cutoff, there could be months of effective downtime where users would have no access to markets that they could safely trade in.
  • The updated plan is a way to significantly reduce downtime and to diminish the risk of further Augur v2 delay risk.
  • After September 15th, anyone can still create markets, but only Guesser-created markets are guaranteed to resolve before Augur v2 is launched.
  • In the revised plan, it is expected there could be safely traded in markets up until around 2 weeks before Augur v2 is ready, reducing both downtime and potential Augur v2 delay.

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