Augur Weekly Report — August 8th

It’s getting close to the one month anniversary of Augur’s launch and the ecosystem is beginning to take shape.

Markets: 951

Open Interest: $1,305,330.38 USD (3,652 ETH)

CASH Contract: $1,644,812.57 USD (4,602 ETH)

ETH Price: $358.44


Predictions.Global continues to improve and has added a page for REP Profit Calculation as well as info on the current and previous Fee Windows. Additionally, they’ve included a ‘Liquid Markets’ tracker at the top of the home page and the option to ‘Sort By Liquidity’ which ranks markets by a combination of how deep the order book and how narrow the spread is.

Fees, Fees, and… Fees?

Joey published a blog post analyzing the current reality of both direct and indirect fees in using Augur, and the forthcoming opportunities for improvement.

Light Work

Chris Hutchinson from Status wrote about his experience with running a Geth light client to interact with Augur. Augur App will soon be integrated with the Geth light client, allowing users to run their own light node locally with just a few clicks.

Off-Chain Order Books w/ 0x

Per 0x’s latest Relayer Report:

0x is interested in supporting teams building off-chain order books for Augur using 0x. Please reach out to us for more information.

Community Content

A couple of new videos describing how to use various parts of the Augur protocol were released this week by our good friend Blockwolf and Blockchain WTF:


Betting and Hedging with Crypto

Augur in ‘The Cryptos’ Web Comic

The Middleman of Trust

The Forecast Foundation has no role in the operation of markets, trades or actions created or performed on the Augur protocol, nor does it have the ability to censor, restrict, control, modify, change, revoke, terminate or make any changes to markets created on the Augur protocol. The Forecast Foundation has no more control over the Augur protocol than anyone else using Ethereum.

Thus, we do not seek to advise others on how to use the protocol. We encourage those in the community that are well educated on Augur to pay it forward and share their ideas for best practices, tips, fixes and etc with the larger community via Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Github and other community channels. For more information regarding the role of the Forecast Foundation, checkout the FAQ.


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