REP Migration & Deployment

Deployment day is here, and REP migration is confirmed. At 11:01AM PT, the current REP token contract will be frozen indefinitely. In the hours proceeding, balances on the newly deployed production REP token contract will be minted 1:1 to all REP token holders.

This is an automatic migration, meaning REP token holders do not need to do anything. While there is not an exact timeframe of how long migration will take, the estimation is 8 to 10 hours, assuming there are no hiccups and all goes well. Follow the @AugurProject twitter for updates or join the Augur Discord.

There will be a follow up blog post as soon as a complete and successful migration has been confirmed. The post will include the final release of Augur App, the new production REP token contract address, and the Augur contract addresses.

Below is a list of services who have and have not confirmed that they will be updating the REP token contract address later today. Even for the few who have not confirmed, funds are not at risk*, as the exchanges will have access to the new REP tokens, they may just be slightly delayed in updating the contract address.

Confirmed: Binance, Kraken, Bittrex, UpBit, CoinTiger, Poloniex, BitThumb, Lykke, Gatecoin, Qryptos, Metcatox, Zebpay, Cryptopia, Livecoin, BX Thailand, Koinex, Gatehub, Liqui, LAToken, Bitbns, Ethfinex, aPay/Stellarport, BitForex, ChaoEX,, BigONE, HitBTC, Changelly, ShapeShift, Bity, MyCrypto, Jaxx, Exodus, MyEtherWallet, Parity, Etherscan, Dharma, IDEX, ForkDelta, Paradex, Radar Relay, DDEX, and ERC dEX.

Unconfirmed: YoBit, ABCC, Abucons, Etherchain, Ethplorer, EtherDelta.

*If you have funds in Ether/ForkDelta & IDEX prior to contract freeze time (11:01AM PT), you can still withdrawal your REP in order to receive your new REP tokens. IDEX has confirmed they will be updating their REP market with the new contract address, while EtherDelta remains unconfirmed.

The new website was launched yesterday as well. Check it out for an overview of Augur, the Forecast Foundation, how to get started, bug bounties, and frequently asked questions:

Cheers, and hang tight.

The Forecast Foundation OU