Viewing REP Balances on Etherscan

With the REP token migration last week, some REP holders have been sharing that they don’t see their new REP balances accurately reflected on Etherscan. This is an Etherscan caching issue, and there is a quick solution to see your REP tokens on the new contract address. Every account that held REP was issued REP on the new contract address, 1:1.

If you do not see your REP balance on the new contract when viewing your account address on Etherscan, go to the following link, and replace the end (YOUR_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS_HERE) with your account address:

That URL will query your REP balance on the new contract address for your Ether account, cache its balance, and then show the new balance across everywhere else on Etherscan.

For more details about the migration, check out the launch post below:


The Forecast Foundation OU