Change Your Life with the Discoveries of These Four Thinkers
Chad Grills

Campbell, Miller and Jung

My Favourite quotes from Campbell’s “Hero with a Thousand Faces”:

The Hero Path
We have not even to risk the adventure alone
for the heroes of all time have gone before us.
The labyrinth is thoroughly known …
we have only to follow the thread of the hero path.
And where we had thought to find an abomination
we shall find a God.
And where we had thought to slay another
we shall slay ourselves.
Where we had thought to travel outwards
we shall come to the center of our own existence.
And where we had thought to be alone
we shall be with all the world.” 
Joseph Campbell

Alice Miller

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

Carl Jung

For Jung, I would recommend these wonderful videos from the end of his life, where he was interviewed by John Freeman:

(I never heard of the fourth person)