I sure wish Medium had an undo button
First of all, I need you to know that I had a long reply almost written when who-knows-what…
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Medium’s Undo (If you’re lucky)

Click the three dots at the top of the screen between Publish and the notification Bell.

Select Revision history. Oh look, that’s where they’re hiding “Hints and keyboard shortcuts”

Click Revision History.

If you’re lucky, you can retrieve the earlier version that disappeared.

That’s the end of the response. Here are some recommends from my bookmarks (to compensate for Medium’s often irrelevant recommendations):

(I have also begun to use external search engines to find MY OWN STORIES on Medium. They’re good; the search engines, I mean. I am not the judge of my writing; in fact I avoid judging my work at all.)

I’m in a huff over “Be Yourself” but that has not blinded me to this deliciously romantic article with shades of “Looking for Mr Goodbar”:

j.s.lamb blasts one of my favourite writers Henry Wismayer here. Human beings are not logical j.s.

But j.s. describes Social Media with such wit and brilliance that I want to learn his pithy descriptions by heart:

Todd Brison has a great idea about engaging on Medium. He even sent me a a delightful video, practising what he preaches. Doing. Acting. Creating. Well done, Todd:

(Todd’s very charming video response to me disappeared into the ether)

This is my formal exit from a Medium rabbithole I just fell down into.

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