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Let’s Get Some Bang for our Buck in Media Support

Our Corporate Welfare Supports JP/Politikens Hus

Background: Reimer Bo spits fire at hypocritical Danish Media bosses.

This article is a translation of Reimer Bo’s follow-up post. See link at bottom of article.

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What Do You Pay in Tax, Sir Editor-in-Chief

The directors of Ekstra Bladet and Politiken haven’t yet lived up to their demands to others: to present their own pay slips.
Nevertheless, Ekstra Bladet is now taking on the big boys.
Ekstra Bladet has written to members of the Folketing (the Danish parliament) and requested that they submit their tax returns.
I got this information from sources that I came into contact with during the What Do You Earn Yourself, Sir Editor-in-Chief? broadcasts.
Parliament members salaries are a matter of public record, there must be full disclosure of side gigs, employees, companies, company board membership.
Anders Fogh-Rasmussen insisted that his ministers declare their own and spouses’ side gigs and other roles.
It only remains to be seen what their mortgage deductions are, what student loans they still have, household allowance, children’s allowance and the like.

That’s a fantastic initiative from Ekstra Bladet’s management…
…which must, by its very nature, bring with it full disclosure of not only payslips but detailed tax returns from the media bosses themselves. 

For My Dear Poul Madsen:
You must, as a true progressive campaigner for full transparency, proceed by example.
You can send the tax return to me.
Or print it in your newspaper.
That way we get plenty of bang for our media buck.

Here’s the original post in Danish.