You are welcome to take this image and plaster it all over the internet. Just don’t steal my words and my articles or my other photos.

Is it Just A Coincidence That These Writers Are Expressing The Same Sentiments as me or Is This Plagiarism?

I wrote this response to Elizabeth Warren’s Drain The Swamp article on Nov 18 2016:

Oliver Chinyere wrote this article in The Bullshitist on Jan 6 2017. He got 99 recommends. I got 26:

I wrote this response to a story on October 8 2016 and got 18 recommends:

Nafeez Ahmed wrote this on 20 january 2017:

Tom Engelhardt published this story in Defiant on February 28 2017:

Nafeez and Tom’s articles could easily have arisen independently of mine. They are both good 😊 articles and unlike Oliver’s article, they are sufficently deep to add value to an idea I had not developed fully nor even completely crystallized in my own mind. That’s the difference between plagiarism and inspiration