Is Medium Becoming a Walled Garden?

It’s my guess that Ev Williams has a much bolder goal 🥅 than I heretofore suspected; creating an online walled garden.

Just like Facebook is pushing itself as “The Internet” to people who can be duped and never find out otherwise, so too is Medium a potential candidate for the walled-garden online experience.

I’ve already begun to search exclusively within Medium: credibility is greater than on many other sites, especially among the people I already “know.”.

I read very, very little outside of Medium and then only when the brilliant and rigorous writers link to top-value outside sites. I’m thinking of you here, Abel Cohen.

When I use tags to search, I constantly unearth brilliant articles that just blow me away with their ideas and beautifully-formulated descriptions.

I’ve also heard other writers relate similar experiences, for example, Gutbloom.

I suspect that this is why VCs have been remarkably patient.