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Joseph Campbell and Dave Allen

Not yet, but it’s been mentioned in other books I’ve read, also similar to the ideas of Joseph Campbell.

I do realize that virgin birth is a recurring theme in many religions.

I could poke fun at the Catholic Church forever but others have done it far better before me.

The Irish comedian Dave Allen, for example.

I enjoyed reading the stories about your family. What a lovely photo of your mom.

Thank you also for sharing the trying circumstances of your life right now.

I deeply sympathize with your struggles both past and present. The “captain” poem moved me to tears.

Are you planning on responding to “Implicit”? Quite a few people have read the story and one or two have commented and recommended.

I don’t know if you’re mulling the questions over or if you even plan to respond.

Patience, that most charming, disarming and elusive virtue.