Welcome to the roaring Atlantic. Photo: Paulo Simoes Mendes, unsplash

Make Inishturk Great Again

Inishturk Welcomes Trump Refugees

Welcome to Europe, everybody

Check this out:

My favourite part is at 4:50 where they made pinata Trump and bashed him for charity.

Before you all return from the long exile of your DNA pool to Inishturk (You are ALL welcome; even OBAMA is part Irish), I’d appreciate if you could share this Open Letter to Timothy D Armour on email with all your friends (including your wife, I know you ain’t fattening up no frogs for snakes) and on social media too.

I don’t know how good the wifi is on the island so spread the word about my address to Timothy before you leave the mainland please.

Timothy thinks that this letter can’t go viral without a big media company being involved.

YOU can prove him wrong.

Be a king-maker.

Share my struggle.