I find your apparent copyright infringement of the article written by Mandy Len Catron in Modern Love, published in the New York Times on Jan 9 2015 relating to Arthur Aron’s earlier research and to which I referred in one of my articles, most disturbing.
Not Cool, Tiffany
Augusta Khalil Ibrahim

Mandy Len Catron has this to say:

“ Thanks. I appreciate your concern. But I’ve looked over Tiffany’s post and it doesn’t plagiarize my writing. She does use Dr. Aron’s questions without precise attribution (though she does credit him). Legally and ethically, though, she hasn’t committed any violations. The NYT doesn’t hold copyright for the questions. Thanks for getting in touch.”

This does not alter the fact that these words were not yours Tiffany and you gave the clear impression that they were.

I disagree with Mandy. I believe that what you did WAS unethical and deceptive.