So many languages? You leave me stunned, augustkhalilibrahim. But what’s your mother tongue?
Mrinal Bose


English is my native language, thanks for asking.

What about you?



I am beginning to realize that if I want to be a character in your book I’m gonna have to up my game.

I began as Sophie from “The Razors Edge”. Somewhere along the line I came to resemble Isabella.

Somerset Maugham has a grasp of human nature that is beyond comprehension.

I am foreign lady who likes to eat dosa at dawn.

I could be an anguished soul searching the world for release from the terible pain of living.

I could be the stranger with a PAST.

I could be the bookish editor with spectacles and a love of language.

Let me be the glamourous heroine, dressed in white flowing robes, with eyes focused on a distant destiny.

Inspired by Viktor Frankl who wrote “Man’s Search for Meaning” in nine days, I once promised a colleague I would write him into a book that I planned to write one Christmas holiday in return for lending me the company computer. In those days a laptop was a huge novelty. Guess how many pages I wrote that holiday? That’s right, none.

Maybe you can write Frants into the book instead of me having to do it, if you’re casting around for a name.

I enjoyed reading about the villian.

Looking forward to hearing more about the book.