Racism is alive and well here
Augusta Khalil Ibrahim


Nørrebro is a vibrant, lively, multicultural neighbourhood. I lived there for many years, just like all the other foreigners and I loved it.

These guys were in such a hurry to jump on the racist bandwagon that they didn’t do any proper research:

Underbelly? How dare you? Reuters, have you no sense of the value of your credibility? I lived breifly in Southeast London. I also lived in an apartment on Coldwater Lane in Brixton where you did not dare to go out at night.

We are talking a completely different order of magnitude here.


This is earth calling.

The streets are safe.

There are as many shootings here in the last 10 years as there have been in nearby posh Frederiksberg, precisely one, where the police shot a mentally-ill man who was swinging a baseball bat in a 7–11.

These guys were in such a hurry to jump on their racist bandwagon they didn’t even bother to check their facts.

I am going to work in Nørrebro in about 5 minutes if I can tear myself away from Medium.

It is peaceful AF.

I will expand this article, if I survive to return this afternoon.

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