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Poetic Licence For Sale

Special price for you, my friend.

How well you express in words the way that I feel in the secret recesses of my mind, if a mind can be permitted to feel, if a heart can be permitted to think.

If it won’t be permitted (don’t you just hate the passive voice?) I will order a poetic licence from the post office. In my imagination, I will stand in line and wait my turn, as if post offices actually existed anymore.

Hell, I can issue one myself…

I can start up an internet company issuing poetic licences. I can issue regular, medium (!) and grossly-untrue-catch-all licences for people who put their trust in external authorities.

And then, as a successful CEO, I can write a silly listicle. Okay, okay, I am jumping on the let’s-knock-listicles bandwagon. And why the hell not? I’m in great company!