Show’s Over: 45 Now Knows Everybody Despises Him

Taunts about his buffoonery, his ignorance, his foolishly-vain attempts to look nice, his stupidity, his contempt for the law and for other sentient creatures are all over the internet.

They’re everywhere.

It’s impossible to avoid them, even if he tried to.

According to Nielsen, many people who voted for Hillary voted against him.

So even though he’s playing a whistling-in-the-dark I’m-winging-it futile game of pulling the tatters of wool over our eyes, he knows in his heart of hearts that America dislikes him.

And he’s going to punish America.

He’s going to punish every last American.

Mark my words.

He’s coming for every last one.

He’s got the former KGB chief on his side, who, if The Reader’s Digest articles I read in the 1970’s are to be believed, was the master of a top-notch worldwide killing machine.

45's pettiness, his desire for vengeance and his vindictiveness have consequences that are impossible for you to imagine.

If he can’t have what he wants: universal admiration and boundless adoration, then he’s going to make damn sure you are never going to be able to have what you want either.

There ARE no checks and balances.

He’s going to tear down everything that generations of hardworking Americans built in good faith.

This is a free-for-all run on the whim of an emotionally-immature three-year-old.

It’s over.

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