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Singer is a Pipsqueak

Singer is a perfect example of The Looting Phase of Capitalism.

If you ever find a Singer machine less than 30 years old, do yourself and society a favor and smash it to smithereens with a sledgehammer.

A capital fund is “gouging” all value out of the once-justly-esteemed company.

Everybody walks into the sewing-machine shop where I work and says wistfully:“Singer…my mom had a Singer”. Almost without exception, that’s what they say. I said the same thing myself. It’s as if we are being handed a script at the door. That’s how powerful the good name of Singer is, even after all these years. And all the while, MBAs in boardrooms all over the world are squeezing its lifeblood out of this company and destroying the good name that Singer worked so hard to establish.

American high-end Bernina (founded in Switzerland) is the best-quality consumer sewing machine available today. It can cost the same as a small car, depending on the model. Japanese brother (deliberately not capitalized) on the other hand, will give you plenty of bang for your buck.

Here are some brother photos from the golden age of sewing machines.

Dedicated industrial buttonhole machine

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This article is an update of a response that I wrote several months ago.

Here’s a related supporting comment with another real-life example from Gerard Mclean:

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