Taking Matters Into My Own Hands: Interesting Pieces I’ve Read Lately
The Solitary Cook

Smile Sunshine

I was approaching my bike in the Scandinavian sunshine recently and saw that you’d followed me.

I was in my seventh heaven at luring another innocent into my follow-web.

However, the absence of spectacles and the strong sunshine gave me the impression that the second part of your name was not cook at all but something completely different, albeit with an almost identical spelling. The final curve of the ‘o’ had fallen into the visual abyss.

Imagine my consternation when my fertile imagination begins to construe a personality from the few visual clues and avatars supplied.

And imagine my relief, and I must admit, slight disappointment (could have been a racy story) when I returned to my north-facing home and read ‘cook’ as I stood there beside the piano.

Just sayin’.

Thanks again for the follow.