United Airlines Dr David Dao — Heroic Icon of Persistence and Resistance

This doctor heroically resisted the corporate bullies who yanked him out of his seat, dragged him along the aisle and bloodied his face.

Don’t let it happen to you:

Here’s the opening sentence of this savagely prescient article about United Airlines Instagram strategy:

“Modern air travel is hell.” For some more than others.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, here’s what happened: United Airlines “overbooked”. None of the passengers plumped for the paltry compensation offered by United, $800 or $1000, according to differing accounts, which is significantly less than the compensation legally mandated by the FAA for bumping a passanger.

So United selects passengers, attempting to coerce them into leaving the plane. The doctor has medical appointments the next day and he refuses to leave.

“I’m not going.” he clearly states on a newly-surfaced video from the seat behind him.

Police officers appear and Dr Dao is yanked out of his seat and dragged along the aisle, emerging from the plane bloodied and battered. They knocked out his two front teeth, broke his nose and scarred him for life.

Oscar Munoz, CEO of United, has the audacity to describe the doctor’s actions as “defiant” in an internal mail to United employees.

Oscar won a PR award recently:

The doctor’s commitment to his patients is laudable — he audaciously stood up to the corporate bullies and their law-enforcement lackeys. The “ancillary revenue” from selling seats twice, a common practice in the airline industry known as overbooking, lines the pockets of low-key millionaires like Timothy D Armour who lives in the lap of luxury in LA:

Munoz also described the airline’s actions as “re-accommodating” the passenger, who entered the plane as a doctor and left, beaten and bloodied, as a paitent.

The Internet memes go on and on…

And yet, United’s stock price is largely unaffected:

Behold The True Face of Corporate America: United Airlines

United’s PR Nightmare Didn’t Make Any Difference To Their Stock Price

Despite a sharp fall at opening UAL stock closed again at one percentage point below opening.

The fall contrasts sharply with the attention the recent violent episode on their plane received.

See…a perfect recovery from a mid-day dip…Nothing:

So…a lot of people dumped United at the start of business but a lot of others say it as a buying opportunity. In fact so many buyers did so that it begs the question:

Is somebody propping up the price of United’s shares?

Or is this a case of autophagy, where United buys up its own shares?

Even rumours that Warren Buffet is dumping United has barely dented their value.

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Bad publicity don’t make no difference, though:

United don’t care, stock opened at 71 and closed at 71.5 on Monday 10 April.

It dosen’t end there. In an attempt to manufacture “a troubled past” for Dr David, the media finds a guy with a similar name with drug convictions but nobody really cares about Dr David’s past, we are more concerned with United’s present.

The problem here is lack of autonomy; the service staff were not authorized to offer more than $1000. Volunteers could easily have been found if the price was right, say, $2000

Everything has to be hyper-controlled from on high.