Then they’d read a chapter whenever it came up in their randomized reading list — a chapter of Turn of the Screw, then “Roast Mutton” from The Hobbit, then a Sedaris essay, then the final chapter of my novel, Bone Jack, Then the second chapter of Peter and the Starcatcher….
Respect the Album. I Dare You.
Oliver “Shiny” Blakemore

This is exactly what I do. I have seven books on the go and depending on my mood, I read from my selected book, a chapter, a page, three or four pages maybe, before falling asleep.

I don’t intend to cheapen Dostoyevsky or Emmet Fox or PJ O’Rourke or Khaled Hosseini or Jeffrey Eugenie or the other great authors that I have in my eclectic nightstand store. Neither do you need to be offended on their behalf at my purported cheapening of them.

In my favour, I am not so distracted that I read different books the same night. That would be like kissing two different guys.

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