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Today We’re Going to Learn Russian — Part One

You never know when you might need it

The new word for today is red


I'm big on learning by association.

Photo by Roberta Sorge on Unsplash

Martin Krasnik, a brilliant Danish political journalist, has red hair and his surname has more or less the same pronunciation as the word red in Russian

I know you guys n gals are in a hurry…red is mentioned 3:12 to 3:42. I promise you it’ll be the best-spent thirty seconds of your day.


As the lady so clearly explains, just tack -rosa on at the end and you can say “red rose” in Russian.

Thank you for paying attention at this, your daily language class.

Tune in tomorrow to learn another new word, or even a phrase, if you're lucky, maybe in Russian, maybe in another surprise language.

Can you guess what tomorrow’s word might be?

Augusta Khalil attended a few Russian classes in engineering school for a term once in the eighties. She also attended evening classes for a year back in the nineties, therefore she is eminently qualified to be a Russian instructor, especially since she’s got the internet to back her up.

Let Nadya from Pussy Riot teach you five new Russian words for Trumps America in We’re Going to Learn Russian Part 2:

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